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Discover the skills of A10sign project managers


Declining its images on the web and on physical media, that’s fine, we will not say the opposite, but it is essential to communicate around good values, by spreading the right message, in which your customers will recognize themselves. You want to design or rejuvenate your brand platform ? Our project managers are here for that.

Definition of your values, your corporate culture, your story

Your project manager must first understand your DNA, which makes you unique and attractive to your customers, patients, subscribers or members. It is by understanding these elements that he can work on a unique proposal.

Proposal of concepts in accordance with the personality of your company

Depending on the media used by your organization, we propose to disclose your identity on all items specific to display: web, print and communication by the object.

Declination on your communication media

For each media selected, we disclose your new identity in accordance with the standards applied to each technique or technology.


To retain your customers, or thank your partners and suppliers (or simply to please !) while spreading your image in the street, trade shows, seminars or conferences, the best way is the communication by the object ! At A10sign, we design objects looking just like you and your company, objects aesthetically pleasing, but also useful and functional !

Do you want an existing product ?

Your project manager studies the type of desired object, quantities, deadlines, based on this information, it offers you 4 or 5 products you choose, then you validate the declination of your identity on the object.

Do you want to create a unique object?

Our strength is also the design of unique customized products ! In the case of a product creation, we study the technical specifications and the feasibility, then we manufacture a prototype in 3D printing, once the prototype validated, we launch the manufacturing.

Delivery of your personalized objects

Once the objects are manufactured, we deliver them all over the world! Small precision: free delivery at the indicated point.


Communication actions can no longer be conceived without thinking of digital. Our project managers think digital and articulate actions to coordinate and optimize all the axes and levers of communication on and offline.

Collection of your needs, creation of the specifications

A good web project is above all about  listening ! To perfectly match your expectations, we need to identify perfectly and precisely the key points and expected features of your project.

Providing creative leads

Once the scope of your project is defined, we provide you with the models that will show you everything we are capable of. All you have to do is choose from the proposals of our project managers.

Creation of the site according to the guidelines validated by you

Once your choice validated, the serious things begin! We decline the creative tracks on all media in the respect of deadlines.

Putting online

Everything went well, the development is over! There is more to put online, that’s it you are finally visible with a web arsenal that looks like you!


A nice glossy flyer, a personalized photo album or a 2D / 3D PLV all materials double groove or micro groove (made by our master card makers)? Your needs are multiple and the answer must always be tailor-made.

Collection of your needs, creation of the specifications

The supports, the techniques and the means are multiple, at first, your appointed project manager takes the time to study carefully your needs in order to make you an adapted proposal which will fulfill the pre-requisites of your specifications.

Supplies of creative leads

After the first meeting, and if our proposal appeals to you, our project managers propose you 3 creative tracks, you choose the one that corresponds best to your expectations, we plan 2 return trips to modify this track to stick better to your image and your expectations.

File design in compliance with printing standards

We decline the selected lead on all selected media, then your project manager checks the good to shoot before sending it to you for final validation.

Printing and delivery

Once the passed for print validated, the games are done. We print in the quantities retained and we deliver everywhere in the world, that’s also our strength!

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An idea, a project ?

Do not hesitate to contact us ! At A10sign; you are quickly called back, because we can not stand to leave someone waiting. If you are already a customer, you already have the number of your project manager !